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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Oct 3, 2007

This week..Driving Rock, Poignant Pop,Harding Hitting Roots, Hilarious Poetry and Killer Blues.

Darrin James - Trivial
Martyn Joseph - Nobody Loves You Anymore
Cult Of Wedge - Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe
The Low Orders - Forever Young
Aaron McMullen - Ode To Innocence
John Lee Hooker - I Love You Baby (download : buy)
Magic Slim - Black Tornado (download : buy)

Big Poppa E performs Harry Potter Emo Love Song & Chain Store Record Blues

I'm trying to put together a podcast of listener memories and stories about John Peel. The podcast will be a mixture of listener memories and new independent music which John would be championing if he were still with us.

Were you a listener and fan of his programmes.
Do you have any memories about a specific time that you were listening?
Did John change your musical taste?
Did something significant happen to your life as a result of listening to him.
What are your memories, happy, sad, embarrassing or nostalgic.
If so, and you can record an audio mp3 of yourself, and please send it to

I am planning the podcast to coincide with the anniversary of his death toward the end of October. So please send your contribution by October 21st at the latest.

Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated. If you do not have the ability to record your story and you can submit a written account please do so and I will consider it for inclusion.