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Jul 22, 2013

HomeGrown Podcast 202

Доморощенные Podcast 202
Музыка от Черного моря

"Music From The Black Sea
The Treadwell Russian Expidition 2013"

OT VINTA - Dryg-Tyn-Dymbe
Ben Wheeler - Soviet Train
Niaero - In The Woods
Can Tan - Masif Dinamik
Oratnitza - Mari Marilko
 I Am The Morning - Circles
Petites Planetes - Little Boyki
Petites Planetes - Quintet 1
Skill - Clippings
Buddhuza - Mission
Steady Fingers - Chapullin Blues
White Slaver - Chimera
A G Weinberger - Down On You

Spoken Word:
Nic Treadwell reads excerpts from his Russian Journal 2013
The Full journal can be read @

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