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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Jan 20, 2006

Music this week from Fylth Pig , Whiteboy Slim, Kate Ball , Kenneth Parsons and Sahib Radio

Poetry supplied by Andrew Newsham

Please contact the programme and tell me what you think of the music mix. Do you know a poet? If so get them to contact me with material for
immediate inclusion. E-mail me with your thoughts or post messages on the In Roads forum.

Would you like to make a Promo Jingle for Homegrown? Be creative, use music or just say what you like about the programme. Are you an artist who has already had work played on the show, well, urge others to send their work, by recording a jingle for me.

Please take a couple of minutes to visit our Homegrown map at Frappr and stick a pin in your listening location! I can then get an idea where you all are in the world! And please please help support the programme at these sites: Podcast Charts, UK Podcasts, Yahoo Podcasts , Vital Podcasts , Doing that helps promote us, and get your work herd by more listeners.

I will be in sunny Moscow from 21st Jan till 4th Feb visiting family and friends, but have prepared a pre-recorded programme for podcast 12 which will appear here on Saturday 28th Jan. The following week I will be back with a full programme. Please keep sending your material and I will respond when I return.

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