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Jun 29, 2010

Codex Machine - House Monster
Listen With Sarah remix by Pappy - Animal Hop
Jamie Lynn Noon - A Moment To Break
Noah Earle - Intertwined
Babylon Saints - Day To Day
Kevin Max - Your Beautiful Mind
The Ambient Society - Clairvoyance ft Suzy
Ryan Hardy - Bumblebee
Steveless/Syd Howell - Man Eating Badgers Of Basa
Young Hegelians - God nor Money
Epyllion - Hey Hey Montreal
 Soloman Sixpence - Thoughts On Pluto, Baby Soup.

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Young people have lost touch with tradition, they say. It's a problem that's grown worse with each generation and is a result of the marginalization of Indian people through the reservation system forced upon them by the federal government many decades ago, said Raymond White Tail Feather, a Baptist minister and former tribal chairman. "The tribes were contained on reservations, and systematically their culture, the way of life, the federal government attempted to destroy this," said White Tail Feather. "When you do that to a people, what comes about is hopelessness." Spiritual leader Wetsit presides over the Assiniboine Medicine Lodge, where young men and women participate in a right-of-passage ceremony based on prayer, sacrifice and reflection. He said a strong sense of identity, coupled with good morals and an understanding of one's own culture gives strength of character. But many Indian children are disconnected from that culture and spirituality, compromising that strength of character, he said. He said there is no simple answer. "It's going to take us a couple of generations to work through all of that because we've got a whole bunch of families that are stuck, and they're not going to just come out of it overnight. There's a lot of healing, there are a lot of issues we've got to take care of," Wetsit said. His message has reached some young tribal members. Josh Failing, a 14-year-old middle school student who attempted to commit suicide last year, said he has taken under his wing a younger cousin who was being bullied and was contemplating suicide. Failing started spending more time with his cousin and taking him to traditional ceremonies, including sweat lodge. His cousin is still angry all the time, he said, but he's still here. "We need
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