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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Jun 25, 2006

Music & Poetry from...

The Ladykillers - White Album
Dead Heart Bloom - Saint Henry
Crystal Bowersox - Cry No More
Matt Tyler - Breakaway
Dhrupick - Turned Pink
Dufus - Tutu

Scharlie Meeuws - Evening By A Scottish Lake & This Pale Picture

Mention in the programme - The Association Of...

Jun 18, 2006

Music & Poetry from...

Africa, UK, USA, India, Iceland, Australia and Wales

Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga - Kwa Nini
Andrea Glass - On My Mind
George McCranor - Lady Spade
Lunar Drive - I'm In Love With A Navajo Boy
Stardust Motel - Donna Mo's Blues
Melophonic - Russian Rampage
Mal Pope -...

Jun 10, 2006

An Outside Broadcast...all the way from...Treadwell Gardens

Music from
Cafe Racer - Last Nights Party
Kimbo Watanabe - Nani Molokaui
The Vals - The Water Is Cold
Listen With Sarah - My Little Hula Girl
Ismail Throkmorton Experiment - Bottle O Mine
Paul Mosely - Haunted House
John Dawson Read - James
Meredust - To...

Jun 3, 2006

Music & Poetry from Nic Treadwell

For this edition of Homegrown I have decided to dust off a few of my more mature songs and poems, which have not seen the light of day for some time. All these performances were recorded at Home, and in some cases took more than one take to get down. I think these works serve as a good...