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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Sep 24, 2006

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Music from:
 The Shakes - Liberty Jones (shakecast)
 Terry Clarke - Off The Rails
 Martyn Joseph - Nobody Loves You Anymore
 Rickie Lee Jones - Have You Had Enough
 Adrian Carter - Second Sight
 Andrea Glass - Silent
 Poetry From:
 Patrick Osada - On The Red Light / Vigil / Lorraine /...

Sep 17, 2006

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Music from:
Brother Love - Summertime
Mister Brown - Entwined
Abe Quigley - Breath

Studio Guest
Mike Bethel - Birmingham based songwriter
performs live - I Have Your Outline & Compromised
from his new CD Fenetrapocrypha

Are you a local songwriter/musician? Would you like
to come in and record an...

Sep 11, 2006

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Music from:
Anemo - Fallout Renegade
Pistol Apes Payback - Super Hero (Demo)
Mesh 29 - Close My Eyes
Sahib Radio - Festival Of Mariah
Nat Clare - Half Empty
The Dealers - Cost

Poetry From:
Brendon Higgins - Badge, Hit Back, Crazy Lady Crazy Man,
Debt, Drunk To Funk, Love Poem from his CD Flowers Up...

Sep 3, 2006

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Man Cold

Music from:
Sam Mellon and the Skylarks - Your New Hometown
Trevor Childs - This Modern World
Kimberly McLEAN - The Old Red Spittoon
Keith Bear - Walking On The Water
Adrina Thorpe - Did You Think
Clairvoyance - Is it You
Additional Moog - Holy Jukebox

Poetry From:
Minton Sparks - Vicky Pickles