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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Nov 26, 2006

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Special Guest Songwriter Aaron Yorke
Aaron is a deeply gifted songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve.
Very influenced by artists like David Gray and Tom Baxter, his latest album "Taking The Time To Heal" is a mature collection of songs about the human condition. Aaron has the rare ability to share the intimate moments of his life with his audience, through this sharing experience he leads you through some difficult soul searching songs. The process is a rewarding experience for the listener as you come away with a feeling of kinship, that here is someone here who can put into words what you are feeling, who can express a certain moment in your life through his music.
In our conversation at the Midlands Arts Centre on the occasion of his album release, we talk about songwriting, promotion, autism and home recording. Plus from gig Aaron performs When A Relationship Ends and Have You Felt Beautiful Lately. Aaron also has a myspace page.

Music from:
Freddie Stevenson - Chinese
Mr D & The Honky Tonks - Coming Or Going
Kelly Lee Evans - Let's Call A Truce Tonight

Poetry from
Niall O'Sullivan - Hard Is The Journey & Broccoli