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Music from:
Ryan Smith - All I Want
Jimmie Bratcher - Midnight Clear
Moses - Breath Of Bells
Twinmaker - I Hate Christmas
Roadside Attractions - What Santa Wants
 Spoken Word:
Elvis McGonagall - Driving Over A Cliff At Christmas
Nic Treadwell The Parsons At Christmas (Part Two)
(bed music on Parsons by Julie Melton - Silent Night / Doug Boldt - Everyday Has It's Key aka The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Steve Clark - I Want My Star
Mags Scorey - The Bethlehem Times Reporter
Nic Treadwell - Turning On Turner
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Tom Shad - A Podcast Christmas Theme
The Hot Rods - Dear Santa Claus
Cult Of Wedge - Exploiting Christmas
Alison Crowe - In The Bleak Midwinter
Rag And Bone - Maria Daines
Lord Weatherby - Santa Claus Is Freaking Me Out
Spoken Word:
Elvis McGonagall - Christmas In The Country No.1 & No.2
Nic Treadwell - The Parsons At Christmas (Part One)
(bed music used on Parsons by Julie Melton - Silent Night / Doug Boldt - Deck The Halls With We Wish You A Merry Xmas

Mags Scorey - Ian The Innkeeper
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Music from:
Michelle Hotaling - Underestimate
Triplanetary - Every Monkey Is A Star
Listen Wih Sarah - Windmill
Eric Saitz - Let Me Love You
Samba Mapangala & Orc Virunga - Siku Ya Mwisho
Alice Peacock - Only A Memory
Andy Doonan - What I Once Had
Poetry from:
Ann Wilson - The Designer , The Resting Bench , Smoking and The Sanctuary. More information on Ann's collaboration with band Clutter @ Earth Monkey Productions
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Mel Brown & The Homewreckers - Take Your Time
Carol Douglas / Maria Daines - Va Rog Va Rog
John Ramono - Dah Dah Dah
Nick Saunders - Resonance
Sir Donald Tovey - The Bride Of Dionysus
Screaming Mimi - Gumshoe
Poetry from:
Beowulf "Wulfie" Mayfield - Chemical Warfare, Beware Of The Bear,
Shopping List For A Bad Day & Shopping List For A Really Bad Day.
Check out Beowulf's Podcast
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Music from:
Au Revoir Simone - Through The Backyards
The Mauves - Thumbs Up And Go
P.A.I.N. - A-Z
Nightinglaes - UK Randy Mom Epidemic
James Starbuck - House
Cult Of Wedge - Arts Song
Dogmixer - Soul Brain

Poetry from:
AYM performs Up North and Prehistoric Blues

Mentioned in the Podcast: Wrote Under: Sunday Express

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