Homegrown Programme 160

Dawda Jabateh - Sama Kebbalu

Parker Roads - My Mortal Sin
Big George Jackson - Biscuits and Molasses
Wax Ersatz - Come Home
Buddy Merrill - Yacka Hula Nicky Dula   Buy at iTunes Music Store

Christopher John - In The Dark With My Headphones On
Western Jazz Band - Rosa  Buy at iTunes Music Store
Vic Mars - Devils Tower
Rodney Brannigan - She Bled
David Gibb - A Begging I Will Go Buy at iTunes Music Store

Spoken Word:
Brendan Higgins - Love Poem / Hit Back / Mental / Hope

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Homegrown Programme 159

The Limozines - Deep Fried Love

Egon - Never Turn Back
May Stands Still - Gotta See
Psychedllic Museli - Underwater 
AOEDE - Love Proof
Messer Chups - Twin Peaks Twist
Ernie Payne - Curse Of Hamm
Suzanne Doyle - Third Day
Michael Thomas - Bucklers Reach
Psychedllic Museli - I Hope You Sleep Well

Brian Maloney - When Doves Cry
Cindy Lee Berryhill - Always Loved A Mystery
Phil Common - I Am Overcome

Spoken Word:
Michael Thomas - Now The Wife's Gone, Cows In A Corofin Field, Sparkling Sonnet

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