Homegrown Programme 163

An Uninterupted walk in the woods with music and poetry for the season.

The Waverton Collective - Trans Siberia Express
Joan Baez - I Am A Wanderer  Buy at Amazon MP3

James Reid - Elder
The Imagined Village - Walk Back  Buy at iTunes Music Store

Charlotte Grieg & Johan Asherton- The Bold Fisherman
Sieben - Ogham On The Hill
English Heretic - Rime Of The Ancient Lamia
Unto Ashes - Sonnet Macabre
Hermione Swinford - The Lovers Ghostt
Amy Duncan - Stars

The Story - Winter Night
Pigs Ear - Welcome Cold November
Barry Phillips, Shelley Phillips, Martin Simpson - Between DeighreAnd Breo  Buy at Amazon MP3

Glen Hutchinsn - Yydrasil / Dancing In Fire / Earth
Felix Dennis - Who So Ever Plants A Tree
Becky Rosel - Childhood Forest
Magic Oak - Druids Poem

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Homegrown Programmme 162

Homegrown Compress!

Hotels & Highways - Train Whistle

Yacouba Dembele' & Djeli-Kan - "Sabary"  

Repunzel & Sedayne - "Robin Redbreast's Testament"   

Dave Gunning - Saltwater Hearts
Katrick & Gotam - Heer
Ryan Hardy - Bicycle
Doug Macloud - Talkin Barnyard Blues
Thomm Jutz /1861 Project - The Soldiers Dream
Blueflint - "Light in the Window" (mp3)  

Los Fabulocas & Kid Ramos - Carmen Su Rollo

Deborah Russell - A Woman Like Me / Bird That Sings At Night / Glass Coffins

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Homegrown Programme 161

Yank Rachell, - Moonshine Whiskey   Buy at Amazon MP3

Zoox -  La Belle Catherine  Buy at Amazon MP3
Asleep at the Wheel, Leon Rausch - Truck Driver's Blues (feat. Willie Nelson) Buy at iTunes

Matt Anderson - Coal Mining Blues
Viva La Musica - Amour Fou
Morgan Sadler - Go On
Said The Whale - Better For You
Mr & Mrs Smith - The Regulars
Shye Ben Tzur - Shoshan
Billy Jones - At Da Crossroads

Ray Foreman - A Shy Man In A Shy Cafe / I Stopped For Coffee / Growing Old In An Old Hotel With Old Poems:

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