HTML clipboardA Belly Full Of Christmas
 A festive edition, with un-traditional seasonal music and poetry.
 A report from Jas on the best Ales of 2009 as supped by us.
 Highlights, Predictions and resolutions. Plus a special advert for
 the smelling revolutions of the decade, Yampy Candles!
 Rusty Bladen - Feels Like Christmas
 The Nadas - Here Comes Christmas
 Niels Cremer - It's This Time Of Year
 Maria I Maria - NYC
 Tom McHatton - Santa Flying On Your Sleigh
 Cult Of Wedge - Were Exploiting Christmas
 Maneatingbudgies - Merry Christmas Poem
 Jas reads Beers - a spoof of a poem called Trees by Joyce Kilmer
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HTML clipboardHomeGrown Podcast 136
Colin Pollock - New Depths In Shallow
Marybeth Damico - Save Your Soul
John Scullion - Belfast
Ashley Maher - Try To Hide
Vieux Farka Toure - Fafa
Autumn Shade - Erza Moon
Jane Taylor - Lay Down Your Sword
Arthur Adams - You Can't Win For Loosing
The Great Unwashed - Winter Classic
Cult Of Wedge - We Have The Right To Starlight
Charley Fasano - Smiles That Go Ding, Pretend To Be A Man, Bar Bar Anthology
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HTML clipboardMusic:
The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anymore
Jarmean - Mind The Gap
Mistys Big Adventure - Between You And Me
The Lost Patrol - Jukebox On The Moon
Caroline Herring - A Turn Upon The Hill
Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - Naked As A Star
All India Radio - Lightship
The Haiku - Amber
Steve Winham - Far Away From Here
Serena Ryder - Brand New Love
Modern Cliches - Your Lucky Numbers
John Doyle featuring Afterglow - Now You've Gone
Annie Christain - Wondering If I'm A Decendent Of The Nephlim While Lying On A Merry Go Round In Prentis Park
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HTML clipboardHalloween Special
Monstrosities Of Rock Top 10
Blackout Band - Video Games
David Wilcock - Where Were You
Denis Madalone - America We Stand As One
Kelvin Macgregor - For A Friend
Your Cardboard Heart - Vitiligo Boy
Linda Finkle - Georgie Porgie
Dancing Butterflies - Lets Save Our Envirnment
Salva Dali - Final Chapter Last Scene
Jaguar - Light Fantastic
Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain
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HTML clipboardMusic:
Wonderland - The Mummers
Black Eye - Derek Webb
Our World - Rob Blackledge
Catch And Weave - Lisa Bianco
Lonely Like America - Martyn Joseph
Superhero - Candye Kane
Big Mouth - Mike Zito
Steal Me Away - Ana Popovic
The Great Unknown - Caroline Herring
Streets - Martyn Joseph and Stewart Henderson
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HTML clipboardHomebrew 5
Recorded Friday 11th Sept 2009. Nic is joined by usual suspects attend the CAMRA Birimngham Beer Festival @ Aston University Students Guild. 85 Ales on offer, not to mention foreign selections and good hearty food.
 SUGAR BLUE - Bluesman
 Five AM - Raise The Sun
 KTB - Indelible Ink
 Kasier Cartel - Okay
 Echo Screen - Everything After Bradford
 Katie Herzig - Charlie Chaplin
 Ray Tarantino - Riding Rhymes
 Kompoz Collaboration feat Jason Hannah, Nate Bailey, Marty Keil and Bjorn Pehrson - All Drunked Up
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Long Time Coming

Dreaming Isabelle - Not Missing You
Warren Charles - The Elephant In The Room
Mae Robinson - St Judys Comet
Black Fortress Of Opium - House Of Edward Devotion
Robert Ziino - Camera Up Uranus
Josephine - Bit By Bit
E.S. Posthumus - Nolitus
Stormy Mondays - Same Old Song

Christopher Dommett - Magic Mushrooms, The Paranoid Agrophobic and Mr Fly, Dream, Neglect.

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HomeGrown Podcast 130
Ashley Maher Performance
Recorded at a intimate house concert in Oxford on June 21st.
Accompanied on guitar by Phil Stevenson.
Find out more about Ashley's music at
Her music is also available on ITUNES
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Ashley Maher Interview
A conversation with singer songwriter Ashley Maher while in the UK during June 2009 performing a series of dates before appearing at a festival in Spain. We discuss her love for African music, her songwriting influences,using the internet to promote music and her latest album.
 I beleive - from album The Blessed Rain
 Gracefully - from album Flying Over Bridges
 Find out more about Ashley's music at
 Her music is also available on ITUNES
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 Homebrew 4
 Join our expert panellists Jas, Ed and Nic for a few swift halfs
 David Francis & The Global Village - Anthem For A Green England
 Farryl Purkiss - Ducking And Diving
 Antiqcool - My Avatar
 Le Rug - Telebones
 Jeff Krantz - Wasteland
 David Yazbek - Monkey Baby Hanging On A Chicken Wire
 Justin Hopkins - Why Would God Come To LA
 Yael Naim - Too Long
 Denada - Buy More Beer
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