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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Nov 27, 2005

This weeks music comes from Whiteboy Slim, Sam Huxley, Manny Montero, The Valuable Fools, David Elias, Anias Mitchell and Meerkat Population Explosion. There is a short story by Nic Treadwell and Poetry/Music by Joan Payne Kincaid and Rotcod Zzaj.Thanks to all for contributing. Podcast recorded Saturday 26th November 2005

Nov 19, 2005

Music this week from The Delta Blues, Mark Spencer, James Heffer, InSpain, Martyn Joseph, Marigold Landing and STAN. Poetry and Prose from Andrew Newsham and Maria Daines. Podcast recorded Nov 19th 2005 (Show contains some adult language)

Nov 13, 2005

Here is the debut programme. Recorded Sunday 13th November 2005. Featured music from Dufus, COMEG, Aaron Yorke, Andrea Glass, Mistys Big Adventure, Wizard Sleeve and The Sibling Project. Poetry from Andrew Newsham and Caroline Fox Betts

Welcome to the Homegrown PodCast

Nov 10, 2005

HomeGrown is a weekly podcast dedicated to new unsigned, unpublished, under-represented independent music, poetry and prose. All material used in the programme is Podcast Friendly , permission being sought from artists to use their material before inclusion. The programme is presented by me, Nic Treadwell, I live...