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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Apr 23, 2006

On this weeks programme...

Bombskare - Beatrix
Robin Sidwell - Beautiful Fool
I'ms A Meer - Eins
Smokehouse Ramblers - Come On Over Baby
Lougey - Weekend Junkies

Mike McGee

On My Pod
The Now Show - Topical comedy show - BBC Radio 4 Podcast

Plus a little skit entitled Dencast by Nic Treadwell

If you'd...

Apr 16, 2006

On this weeks programme...

Listen With Sarah - My Little Hula Girl WWW Remix
Dan Sindel - Overture from Handels Messiah
Wrench - TransitAdvisory
The Boy Lacks Patience - Tantrum
Reggie Miles - Katrina Blues (Studio Version)
The Truth Hurts - Heaven Bound

James Stewart

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The Miller Tells Her Tale...

Apr 9, 2006

On this weeks programme...

Planetman - Around The World
Mike Hatton - You Choose To Walk
Singularity - Number Systems
Delia Derbyshire - John Peel's Voice
Force Of Nature - Hurt Ya Girl
Gerry Wall - Last Chance

Berlinda Subraman

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Apr 2, 2006

HomeGrown Podcast 21 now available

On this weeks programme...

51 Breaks - Lucky 7
Stillman - Weightless
Andrew John Ayres - Grey Skies In September
Listen With Sarah - Om Pa Cha Pap Cha Pap
Goldoolins - Country Traveller
Kimberley Mclean - Songs Written Of Love

David Henry - Northzine Podcast

On My Pod...