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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Mar 26, 2006

On this weeks programme...

Horsefighter - Lennys Tune
Lee Mitchell - Patience
Sefton - First Love
Blue Sky Band - Bail Out
James Starbuck - Black Rose
STAN - Lullaby From The Drive

Poetry / Music
Maxine and Jo Simon
Robert Winston and Rotcod Zzaj

On My Pod - Nic's personal podcast recommendation

Mar 19, 2006

On this weeks programme...

Jody Shelton - Blur
Darin Benett - Scarlet Monkeys
Andrew Taylor - It's Not Enough
Rachel Taylor Beales - Super Glue
Magdelenes Dream - Wash Away
Laura Bullard - Eff Word
Tyler James - Stay Humble

Poetry / Music
Laura Cushing and Prosolarmechanic

On My Pod - Nic's personal podcast...

Mar 12, 2006

On this weeks'll be laughing, crying, dancing and pontificating as you listen to the excellent material in this show

Meredust - Letting Go
Sahib Radio - Cold Axe
Shine Cherries - Smile Is An Angel
Citizen Fish - Supermarket Song
Pamyua - Ice
Nic Treadwell - Nowhere Fast
Martyn Joseph - Six Sixty...

Mar 5, 2006

On this weeks programme...another mixed bag from Scottish pop to Windows inspired classical...

Hotrod Cadets - Not The Only One
Christopher Zerbe - She Don't Love
Jim of Seattle - Welcome to Windows
Your Boy Blair - Make A Fist
Sefton - Ricks Seat
The Boy Lacks Patience - Your Fathers House
Robert Carvalho -...