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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Jun 24, 2007

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Benjamin Bates - The Next Big Thing

Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment
Download "Nature Of The Experiment" (mp3)
from "A Lesson In Crime"by Tokyo Police Club
Paper Bag Records Buy at iTunes Music Store

Swill And The Swaggerband - Elvis Lives Here

Tinariwen - Cler Achel
Download "Cler...

Jun 18, 2007

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Cindy Lee Berryhill - Beloved Stranger
Matt Tyler - Conspiracy Theory

Di Xiao (Piano) - Maurice Ravel:
Miroirs No 4 Alborada Del Gracisoso
(Recorded Live at Adrian Bolt Hall 2006)
Homegrown will be featuring more work from the Birmingham Conservatoire in forthcoming programmes.

Aaron English - All...

Jun 11, 2007

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Work Sucks Special

Moral Decline - Overworked Underpaid
Tim Young Band - Work Today
Undercover Hippy - Work Till You Die
Adam Morely - Work
Burning Bush - Honest Days Work
Doug Macleod - The Working Man Blues
Willie Shutter - Working Day

Spoken Word:
Brendan Higgins - Stress Me, Little Brown...

Jun 6, 2007

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500 Miles To Memphis - All My Friends Are Crazy
Download "All My Friends Are Crazy" (mp3)
from "Sunshine In A Shot Glass"
by 500 Miles To Memphis Deep Elm

Thrash Madolas - All My Friends Are Crazy

Aaron English - Anywhere End Up Street

Madagascar - When We Last Herd Of...