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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Mar 26, 2007

Launch Innertoob Player The I Have A New Drill And I'm Gonna Use It Show
A pocket size edition as I play with my new power tool!
Little Yellow Perfect - For Your Safety And The Safety Of Others
Seth Martin - I Consume
Olwen Ringrose - Who I'm Meant To Be
Spoken Word:
Eva -...

Mar 18, 2007

Launch Innertoob Player

As I am deep in polyfiller, paint and plaster, decorating the house, I present a Low Maintenance Edition of Homegrown. All of this weeks artists have featured in this years SXWS Festival in Austin Texas, which has been running from 9-18th March 2007

Matt And Kim - Yeah Yeah
Beruit - Elephant Gun

Mar 12, 2007

Launch Innertoob Player

Andy Stone - What You Believe
Blabbermouth - Amnesia
BluestoneJones - Cosmic Thought
Lisa Redford - Universe
MEG - Kelly, You're The Teacher

Tony Morris - Health Warning, Slow Dancer, Road Rage

Homegrown may be a bit sporadic and Lo Maintenance over the next couple of weeks due to other...

Mar 6, 2007

This programme is a compilation of my audio blogs from 24th Feb till 5th March 2007 while I have been participating in the Slam Idol Open Writing Challenge. The premise of the competition is to get 6 poets to create an original poem over 10 days, while audio blogging their creative process and progress.

You can find...