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Welcome to the Homegrown Podcast, the home of The Life Of A Kunt, a fantastical serial.

Sep 7, 2012

HomeGrown Podcast 182

is proud to present...
The 7th of September Concrete Block Levitation Show

Bruce Cockburn - Call Me Rose
Rural Ghosts - Eyes
Catgut - The Death Of Gordon Brown
Owen Davey - Irritating Killer Toy Robot
Justine Dorsey - Unsaid
Hannah And Maggie - Brighton Beach
Magic Slim And The Teardrops - Bad Boy
Sensational Jubilettes - Jordan River
Gordan Grdina's Haram - En Shakawt Al Hawa
Oh, My Blackbird - Faking
Fitz - Caves
Blackcan - Dark Daze
Marvin Etzioni with Buddy Miller - Living Like A Hobo

Music / Poetry:
Peirce Nice /aka The Good Machine - The Stranger At The Door In The Middle Of The Night / Anarchist Daydreams And Fascist Delusion

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